Sebastià was born in the majorcan inland  town of Campos 1982. He is a qualified “Mestre d’Aixa” (Master Boatbuilder) certification number 936 and Mestre Artesá Calafat (Master Caulker) N. 937. With many years of experience in the building and reparation of wooden boats.

Sebastià started his professional aprentiship in 2000 at the Escola-Taller de Mestres D’Aixa del Consell de Mallorca where he spent four years under the tutorship of Mestre Jaume Cifre.

Upon graduation, Sebastian was invited to join Mestre Jaume Cifres’ team at his boatyard; DRASSANES JAUME CIFRE in Porto Colom.

In 2008 Sebastian was contracted by MEDITERRÁNEO, a nautical company installations in Palma, the capital of the Island of Mallorca.

In the Summer of 2008, having accumulated sufficient work experience, Sebastian started up his own boatyard in Vilafranca de Bonany where he received orders for a number of projects, repairs and restoration projects for various boat owners.

After 15 years in the profession, Sebastian has accumulated sufficient experience to be selected by the Council of Mallorca to be the new teacher at tha Escola de Mestres de Aixa on Mestre Jaume Cifre’s retirement.


Sebastian Vidal’s work has been the object of articles in the media and internet:

• Mestre d’aixa. Article in the Diari de Balears newspaper. September 30th. 2009. 

• Cent per Cent Magazine: May 8th. 2010 Issue. Article on the trade of the mestres d’aixa, an ancestral occupation that is being brought back to life by young craftsmen. 

• Large turnout at the Medeival Fair in Palma de Mallorca: Diario de Mallorca.  March 1 st. 2010.

• Notícia XX, Mitjà de comuniació XX. 

• Blog Jaume Amengual. Link 

• Dos i dos són 22.

• Altres...


BARQUES DE FUSTA has had a stand at the following fairs: 

  • Fira de la Diada de les Illes Balears - National Balearic Islands Day | 2009-2014
  • Fira de la Llampuga (dolphin fish food fair in Cala Rajada) | 2009
  • Fira de la Sípia (cuttlefish food fair) Port of Alcúdia | 2010-2014
  • Fira del Meló (melon food fair) Vilafranca de Bonany | 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014 
  • Fira de Sencelles | 2011, 2012